m35 upgrades data management platform

Source: m35

m35 Ltd, today announced the release of version 3.5 of its flagship product DataTrans, with features aimed at a new generation of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) customers within financial services.

Vulnerability to market events has been unprecedented in the past year, with a number of large financial institutions not being able to accurately price their more complex assets or consolidate their companies market and credit risk. As new regulation is formulated and imposed, financial institutions will be under pressure to meet the new mandate. This new version will enable businesses to support new risk processes that could be included in regulatory reform by making it easier and faster to distribute data and ensure data quality.

DataTrans, is used to distribute data from multiple sources, including market data, securities masters and business applications, to other downstream systems. DataTrans 3.5, released this month, builds on existing capabilities and can now intelligently identify data items moving through the system and associate them to a standard data model. This makes it easy for business users to build powerful rules defining how data is distributed throughout the organisation. Users can articulate their requirements using drop-down boxes and plain English, with no need for programming.

A key highlight of this latest version is the data management dashboard which provides a customised display of real-time business intelligence from the data distribution architecture. This enables businesses to see what data is moving through the organisation and view real-time reconciliation reports, data quality indicators and exceptions. Using the dashboard, organisations can easily track data movements in real-time to ensure the right data is getting to the right place at the right time.

"The economic downturn has highlighted the importance of data management and managing risk has been pushed into the spotlight," stated Gavin Kaimowitz, Product Manager, m35. "This release introduces features which are geared towards businesses meeting the challenges of 2009: risk management, successful STP, reducing cost and increasing efficiency."

"Regulation and conn and compliance requirements are evolving fast," commented Jason du Preez, Managing Director, m35. "This new age of EDM demands efficiency and increased automation. No longer is it just about holding golden copy, it's about liberating data, and making it easily available, securely and consistently, to all parts of the business."

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