PayByCash inks deal with Ukash

Source: Ukash

Ukash, the fastest growing online cash payment solution, has signed a deal with PayByCash allowing hundreds of online merchants to offer a safe, quick and easy cash payment method for online purchases.

US-based PayByCash, a subsidiary of PlaySpan, offers a portfolio of more than 70 payment methods worldwide - this now includes Ukash. The company helps merchants retain customers and maximise revenue by giving consumers the option to pay in other ways than with credit cards, meeting the market's growing demand for alternative payment methods. PayByCash is accepted by over 200 popular online games and virtual worlds.

Customers who choose non-card payments are transferred from the merchant's site to a PayByCash hosted page where they select Ukash and simply enter the unique 19-digit number featured on their Ukash voucher to complete the transaction. When using PayByCash, the consumer is charged a small service fee for non-card payments.

Ukash's prepaid e-cash vouchers provide customers with peace of mind, eliminating the threat of fraud and allowing the customer to pay without the need to reveal sensitive financial details.

"We are really pleased to work with such an active global payment service as PayByCash" Mark Chirnside, CEO of Ukash, explains. "This agreement gives our customers in Europe the choice to use Ukash at a great range of merchants, including some of the most popular online games and communities."

Kevin Higgins, from PayByCash, comments "We have seen Ukash's impressive growth in the last 12 months and have no doubt it will be quickly adopted as a payment option by our key audiences, specially the younger population. Likewise, we are also looking forward to introducing Ukash customers to our exciting offering."

Ukash, which has experienced a 140% increase in sales in the last year, provides a simple and secure way for consumers to buy goods and services online with its prepaid vouchers, available at 275,000 locations across Europe and South Africa, via mobile in the UK and now also online in most territories.

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