E2E Infotech develops FIX-based Orc-to-Wombat interface

Source: E2E Infotech

E2E Infotech today announced development of an interface providing Orc Software solutions users with connectivity to the NYSE Technologies Wombat Platform. Initially developed for International Algorithmic Trading (IAT) GmbH, the interface is a standard re-usable Financial Information eXchange-based link for use with Orc solutions.

IAT GmbH is a joint customer of Orc and E2E. Commenting on the release Mr. Timo Wagner, Managing Director of IAT GmbH, said: "The E2E Wombat Interface provides reliable high speed market data which, when combined with Orc Liquidator makes it the right platform to suit our needs for algorithmic trading."

Wombat is a high-speed market data and messaging solution providing direct connectivity to the global markets. Orc Liquidator is an automated algorithmic trading platform from Orc Software.

"E2E Infotech is a reliable, professional services partner for Orc Software. They have demonstrated an in-depth domain knowledge, Orc technology expertise and keen commitment enabling them to deliver important solutions for our clients to harness the full potential of the Orc system," said Anders Henriksson, President Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, Orc Software.

"Orc Software has an unrivalled connectivity offering for reaching into well established and the emerging markets of Europe. We are pleased to be working closely with them to provide the solutions and services needed for their clients," said Nirav Shah, Head of Operations, AurionPro. "IAT GmbH uses state-of-the-art technologies and innovative trading strategies and we are pleased to be providing them with high performance, low latency market data connectivity solution."

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