Oracle tunes Reveleus for Icaap

Source: Oracle

To help financial institutions comply with the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) requirements under Pillar 2 of the Basel II accord, Oracle Financial Services Software today announced Oracle® Reveleus ICAAP Analytics and Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Assessments.

Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Analytics and Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Assessments combine to help form the cornerstone of an integrated solution that enables financial institutions to identify, measure and manage risk and capital across the entire organization.
Addressing all major components of ICAAP including risk assessment, risk monitoring, modeling, stress testing, risk aggregation and allocation as well as regulatory reporting, the solutions are an integral addition to the Enterprise Risk Management offering which includes Oracle Reveleus - Basel II, Market Risk, Operational Risk Economic Capital, Economic Capital Advanced and Asset Liability Management.
To help ensure that financial institutions possess adequate capital to meet current and future regulatory and economic capital requirements, Oracle Reveleus ICAAP provides robust capital planning capabilities to analyze baseline and stressed scenarios.
With Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Analytics and Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Assessments, institutions can estimate risk measures such as Value-at-Risk, Conditional Value-at-Risk and Unexpected Loss across risk categories and then allocate these risk measures back across various lines of business.

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