Millburn Ridgefield deploys FlexTrade

Source: FlexTrade

FlexTrade Systems, Inc., a leader in multi-asset algorithmic execution management systems, today announced that Millburn Ridgefield Corporation has deployed FlexFutures, its state-of-the-art futures trading solution.

"We're very pleased that Millburn Ridgefield has chosen FlexFutures as its algorithmic execution platform," said Vijay Kedia, president and CEO of FlexTrade. "As today's listed-derivatives markets become more automated, it's critical for asset management firms such as Millburn to have access to innovative execution tools to reduce market impact and minimize slippage. With FlexFutures, Millburn can execute through multiple brokers from a single front-end, using an array of sophisticated, customizable algorithms."

Built to seamlessly integrate with order management systems, black boxes, and other proprietary or third-party systems, FlexFutures comes fully integrated with real-time allocations, compliance and broker restrictions, and is pre-loaded with a suite of rules-based trading execution strategies, including enhanced Icebergs and Time Slicing, which can also be used to execute exchange-listed calendar spreads.

"While there were many off-the-shelf front-ends available for trading futures, we found that FlexTrade's execution management software was able to provide the deep level of sophistication and customization we required," said John Mattia, Vice President of Trading. "FlexTrade is now fully integrated into our trade-execution process. FlexTrade has been able to scale to all the exchanges and products that we trade quite well, and its flexibility has allowed us to quickly adapt to changing market conditions."

Key features of FlexFUTURES include:

· Ability to create and integrate customized execution algorithms and trading strategies while maintaining complete market anonymity and confidentiality.

· Trade through multiple brokers from a single front-end.

· Single-click or auto trading for spreads and other multi-legged trades.

· Highly customizable GUI that allows traders to view the markets in a wide variety of ways.

· Electronic trade blotter for managing voice-brokered transactions.

· Ability to manage allos.

· Abe allos.

· Ability to manage allocations and broker restrictions in real-time.

· Open architecture that provides APIs in C, C++, Java, .NET and COM for black box trading and full integration with in-house order- and risk-management systems.

· Full integration with the FlexTRADER, FlexFX and FlexOPT trading solutions providing for multi- and cross-asset class algorithmic trading in futures, equities, foreign exchange and equity options from a single screen.

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