KAL releases Kalignite upgrades for ATMs

Source: KAL

KAL today announced a suite of upgrade solutions for bank ATMs. The Kalignite Upgrades provide complete low-cost, plug-in solutions for upgrading a bank's ATM estate. One of the primary features of this new product suite is the ability to upgrade existing ATMs to support Triple-DES, now a regulatory requirement.

The highlight of the new Kalignite Upgrade range is the Kalignite Triple-DES Upgrade which solves the pressing need for banks to introduce this high-security encryption feature into their ATM estate. The package includes a Triple-DES compliant Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP), a new PC processor with Windows XP SP2 plus the multi-vendor Kalignite NDC application.

For ATMs which are already Triple-DES compliant but are still running OS/2, KAL offers the Kalignite OS/2-to-XP Upgrade. This package migrates the ATM to Windows XP SP2 and incorporates the same feature-rich hardware and software components as with our Kalignite Triple-DES upgrade.

The Kalignite Upgrade package is simple to deploy and contains all of the hardware and software components needed to migrate the banks' machines. The Kalignite Upgrade solutions retain the existing ATM peripheral devices but offer the ability to connect replacement or new, off-the-shelf devices as desired.

Additionally, the Kalignite Upgrades provide a robust and well proven multi-vendor ATM software solution - Kalignite NDC. The Kalignite NDC application provides new and exciting possibilities for the ATM estate through powerful features and its ease of customization.

KAL's EVP for Sales, Steve Hensley, said "The Kalignite Upgrade Solutions allow banks to keep existing ATMs in service for significantly longer than would otherwise be possible at a much lower total cost of ownership than purchasing new ATMs. We are very excited about providing low cost upgrade solutions and plan to announce additional products in the Kalignite Upgrade product suite in the very near future."

Aravinda Korala, KAL's CEO, said "This is a major new product direction for KAL. Working with our hardware partners, we are bringing together complete upgrade solutions for bank ATMs for the very first time. The Kalignite Upgrade Solutions will be orderable for NCR ATMs from February 2005 while the Kalignite NDC software is available now for immediate delivery and supports all ATM models."

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