CashEdge releases bank, credit union and wealth management product suites

Source: CashEdge

CashEdge, the leading provider of online financial applications, today announced the launch of its Bank, Credit Union and Wealth Management Suites. The new Suites are tailored solution offerings developed to meet specific market needs for each respective industry.

"Financial institutions have spent the last few years cobbling together online offerings with incomplete pieces from varied providers - a cumbersome and costly process that is especially inefficient for small and mid-sized institutions," stated Sanjeev Dheer, chief executive officer of CashEdge. "With these tailored suites, the market now has access to next-generation solutions that while modular, seamlessly integrate with each other, providing end-to-end solutions for online account opening, money movement, data consolidation and related risk management processes. By creating all of our solutions on a consistent technology platform, we are able to offer the unique benefits of simplified implementation and technology management to our clients. We expect to continue to extend these suites with additional product offerings for each of these market segments."

The Bank, Credit Union and Wealth Management Suites offer a broad range of online products, helping institutions extend and profit from their online channels. All products are available as stand-alone modules or as fully integrated solutions.

About the CashEdge Bank Suite
The Bank Suite enables banks to fully leverage their online channel with proven, comprehensive online financial applications including account opening, account funding, inter-institution funds transfer, data consolidation and person-to-person payments. The Bank Suite offers customizability, scalability and is backed by extensive risk management capabilities. Used by more than 90 banking institutions, the Bank Suite is easily integrated and implemented, allowing any institution to accelerate its online profitability and customer satisfaction immediately.

About the CashEdge Credit Union Suite
The Credit Union Suite is tailored for credit unions looking to maximize the member benefits of their online channels. The Credit Union Suite includes account opening, account funding, inter-institution funds transfer, data consolidation and person-to-person payments. Used by more than 85 credit unions nationwide, the Credit Union products are user-friendly and geared toward giving credit union members convenient and comprehensive online financial tools.

About the CashEdge Wealth Management Suite
The Wealth Management Suite provides wealth management firms, brokerages, private banks and financial advisors with applications to maximize the profitability of their practices and more efficiently serve their clients. This suite includes complete data consolidation and funds transfer. Developed specifically for the sophisticated needs of investment professionals, the Wealth Management Suite brings data aggregation to the next level. It delivers an unprecedented ability to harvest data from investment institutions and enhance that data to the standards demanded by advanced wealth management applications through such methods as mapping security names and ticker symbols to CUSIPs. The data consolidation can be used on a stand-alone basis or directly integrated into financial planning and portfolio management applications.

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