Skyler signs IG Group

Source: Skyler Technology Europe

Skyler Technology Europe Ltd., an innovator in ultra-low latency market data solutions for the capital markets, today announced that the IG Group, a FTSE 250 derivatives trading business specialising in financial spread betting, Contracts for Differences (CFDs), FX and binaries, has selected Skyler's C3TM Liquidity Discovery Solutions to more efficiently navigate Europe's increasingly fragmented liquidity landscape. IG Group will deploy Skyler's Solutions to aggregate trade, quote and full depth order book information across exchanges and multilateral trading facilities (MTFs).

IG Group will use this aggregated information to power different execution systems as well as GUI based trading clients. Skyler's solutions will aggregate the market data information across the European equity landscape and manage symbology mapping, aggregation logic, feed source switching and multiple data output formats in a fast, flexible and configurable way. Skyler's C3 Liquidity Aggregation Solutions will ensure normalised, reliable, up-to-date and actionable data to be informed of the best prices and available liquidity at all times.

IG Group will benefit from faster and deeper insights into the fragmented execution landscape across Europe and turn these insights into improved execution services for its customers. In addition, Skyler's smart, flexible and scalable solution will result in a highly robust and customisable market data infrastructure for IG Group. Skyler's high throughput and low latency performance will ensure that IG Group can easily cope with market data spikes and throughput requirements while its processing efficiency will provide lower cost of ownership.

Valerie Bannert-Thurner, Managing Director, Skyler Technology Europe said: "We are excited to be helping IG Group leverage the opportunities available from the new MTFs across Europe. With Skyler's centralised aggregation service, IG Group will be well-positioned to gain stronger insights into Europe's increasingly fragmented liquidity while easing the burden of market data specific logic on their trading systems. As a result, issues with trading states or data quality and reliability will become obsolete."

Alastair Hine, Chief Information Officer, IG Group commented: "We are committed to delivering the best possible trading solution to our customers and are therefore delighted to work with Skyler to achieve our goals."

"Their award-winning solution was compelling due to its extensive functional scope, its high level of configurability and its strong focus on reliability. In addition, the system came with a set of off-the-shelf adapters which we used to quickly integrate the Skyler C3 Aggregation Solutions into our existing market data systems. It is a pleasure to work with Skyler's experts in the area of market data, aggregation and messaging infrastructure to accomplish our desired setup in a very short time frame."

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