StreamBase signs PhaseCapital

Source: StreamBase

StreamBase today announced that PhaseCapital has selected StreamBase as the result of a comprehensive evaluation of CEP products.

PhaseCapital is implementing StreamBase as the foundation for production data feed handling and their proprietary execution management system.

PhaseCapital is a Boston-based "quant" investment advisor that was founded in 2007. The firm applies principles from the physical sciences to the traditional investment process. PhaseCapital chose StreamBase to power their U.S equities, futures, and equity options trading. StreamBase-driven elements of the PhaseCapital trading system include real-time market data feed processing and automated trade execution management, including order state handling and smart order routing. Both of these functions are critical enablers of PhaseCapital's high frequency trading system.

PhaseCapital chose StreamBase after a comprehensive evaluation of the leading CEP products.

"Our team consists of scientists and professional engineers; we are techies at heart, so we appreciate the value of a well-designed system that supports our development and deployment philosophy," said Eric Pritchett, CEO of PhaseCapital. "I was encouraged to see how far CEP has come, especially regarding the quality and flexibility of the CEP and end-user programming capabilities, as well as its appropriateness for the software abstractions and high-performance hardware paradigm here at PhaseCapital. In our evaluation of CEP, StreamBase came out on top." He continued, "We're building a robust trading system using a platform approach - we are not just building an application. In this context, StreamBase delivers a combination of high performance, high availability, and scalability via its multi-threaded server, and solid abstractions in the development tools that allow us to rapidly implement our trading strategies and market data management schemes."

"CEP isn't just for algo trading anymore," said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. "First generation CEP platforms were proprietary and commonly used to build bespoke applications like algorithmic trading. But in the last year StreamBase endorsements like PhaseCapital illustrate that CEP is moving into the mainstream. Second-generation CEP platforms embrace standards, development tools for business users and IT, multi-threading for scalability, and the ability to maintain systems reliably with all the tools that sophisticated enterprises demand - from debuggers to testing to connectivity."

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