P&H Solutions unveils legacy systems migration programme

Source: P&H Solutions

P&H Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of business banking solutions to financial institutions throughout North America, today announced a comprehensive program designed to help banks migrate from their legacy cash management systems to P&H's state-of-the-art Web Cash Manager Suite.

This innovative set of products and services was developed specifically in response to numerous requests from banks looking to take advantage of P&H's experience in successfully completing complex migrations. The offering consists of software, either in-house or outsourced; integration services; data conversion; training; and business/operations consulting.

"Migrating from one cash management platform to another is a complex task and requires both a thorough understanding of the issues involved as well as a toolset of appropriate products and services," said Christine Barry, analyst at Celent Communications. "Packaging them together into a formal offering should prove to be quite useful to institutions looking to streamline the conversion process."

P&H's Legacy Systems Migration program is the industry's first comprehensive set of products and services developed specifically to help financial institutions migrate their legacy cash management systems to a technologically advanced environment in a timely fashion and with a minimum of disruption. Specifically, the offering consists of:
  • Web Cash Manger Suite - The number one rated business-banking system. Web Cash Manager is designed for rapid implementation in either an outsourced ASP environment or as an in-house solution. Its modular design allows it to easily accommodate the unique requirements of financial institutions.
  • Integration services - P&H can quickly and efficiently integrate Web Cash Manager with existing back-office systems. P&H's highly regarded Interface Workbook Methodology* and interface platform, wcmHostLink now include numerous workbooks and interfaces for the most common back office systems as well as custom interfaces. Each month P&H adds new interfaces to its library that support functions such as account inquiry, balance inquiry, check inquiry, real time account transfer, check image retrieval, deposit image retrieval, stop payment, and ACH pre-funding interfaces, to name a few.
  • Data Conversion services - Existing legacy system customer data can be automatically converted to Web Cash Manager using P&H tools. P&H has extensive experience implementing programs to convert customer, user, account, and payment data while dealing with the unique aspects of individual legacy systems. P&H's staff of industry consultants use the Interface Workbook Methodology to define conversion requirements and detailed entitlements and payment field mapping so automated conversions can be successfully implemented. This allows financial institutions to eliminate key data entry allowing mass client conversions and a reduction in errors.
  • Training services - Depending on a bank's unique requirements, P&H will design and deliver training programs for customers, back office administrators, technical support, and in-house training staff (train-the-trainer) that leverage our knowledge of legacy systems and best practices use of Web Cash Manager.
  • Business and Operations consulting services- P&H's experienced consultants can provide a complete analysis of a financial institution's current legacy system and corresponding functionality in Web Cash Manager, and can assist financial institution staff with all aspects of customer migration, including customer communications, marketing material, and strategies for launching new products.

    "Our understanding of the complexities of migrating from a legacy environment to our Web Cash Manager suite is outstanding," said Ralph Dangelmaier, President of P&H Solutions. "On average each member of our implementation staff has over 15 years of industry experience, both from working at financial institutions and providing products and services to them. In fact, nearly 20% of all P&H employees have earned the industry CCM/CTP certification. Overall, our industry-leading Web Cash Manager suite and our ability to integrate the system into a bank's unique IT environment, makes this new offering the best alternative for institutions looking to migrate their cash management offerings to the next generation with the least amount of organizational disruption and highest degree of certainty."
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