Transoft integrates cash management module with XFS ATMs

Source: Transoft International

Today Transoft International, Inc. announced OptiCa$h/Direct, the latest addition to OptiCa$h, the world's leading Currency Management solution, to define a direct connection between OptiCa$h and XFS based ATMs from any manufacturer.

OptiCa$h/Direct connects XFS based ATMs to Transoft's OptiCa$h Currency Management application allowing for new and enhanced business services such as highly automated balancing, automatic balance updating and on-board ATM cash monitoring.

"By merging our technologies we are able to bring the ATM directly into the Cash Management process as an active participant and can further automate key processes in ATM Cash Management," says Brian L. Lee, Vice President of Technology at Transoft. By adding agents to each ATM, local determination of trends and events can facilitate intelligent, timely and cost-optimized decisions instead of the traditional threshold level reaction. OptiCa$h/Direct has an immediate impact on availability and operational costs, thus increasing overall profitability for each ATM.

Transoft has long been a provider of web-enabled XFS based NDC+/912 emulation products to ATM manufacturers. This new product represents a convergence of two key areas of expertise for Transoft, Currency Management with OptiCa$h and XFS ATM development from the eATM/XFS products.

"Transoft is excited at the opportunity of reaching out into the ATM network and distributing some of the centralized cost-optimization intelligence we have accumulated over the last 12 years," adds Bo H. Holmgreen, President of Transoft. "Availability issues and emergency deliveries still constitute a major cost for most ATM networks, and therefore further cost optimization with ATM agents is a natural extension of our technology."

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