Pic opens Abu Dhabi office

Source: Pic Solutions

Pic Solutions, the leading credit risk management consultancy in the Middle East and Africa region, expands its footprint in the Middle East with the opening of a new office in Abu Dhabi on 1 February 2009.

PIC Solutions offers consulting services across the entire spectrum of the credit life cycle and provides an extensive range of consulting support. Optimising clients' credit risk management operations is enhanced by PIC Solutions' in-depth understanding of local and international best practices.

These services range from credit bureau score consulting, predictive modelling, and the renowned HealthCheck services, where PIC consultants are contracted to focus on optimising clients' lending operations. PIC Solutions aims to deliver practical solutions with a focus on providing measurable benefits to clients. PIC Solutions experts also deliver specialist seminars to credit risk professionals all over the world, which have become increasingly popular in the Middle East region.

The global credit crunch has increased the demand for locally based credit risk management expertise and solutions. This need has provided PIC Solutions with the opportunity to expand its business in the Middle East region and offer its services to a wider array of clients. As the PIC client base is growing rapidly, the opening of the new office will ensure that delivery of products and services is of a consistently high standard.

The opening of the new office in Abu Dhabi, headed by Ibrahim Jaber, Regional Sales Manager, marks PIC Solutions' third office in the Arabian Gulf and brings the total number of PIC Solutions offices to six. The opening also coincides with the appointment of PIC Solutions International CEO, Stephen J. Leonard, who will be focusing on developing business in the Middle East region.

Ian Read, General Manager, comments: "PIC Solutions welcomes the expansion of our delivery capacity in the Middle East region. We are continually committed to growing and broadening our services and product offerings to our clients. This expansion comes as a result of our dedication to growing and developing a team of professionals which will provide an eveer-improving level of customer service to our growing list of clients. I am confident that the opening of the office in Abu Dhabi will enable us to continue to be the leading credit risk management specialists in the Middle East."

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