Bats Europe launches market share display free of charge

Source: Bats Europe

Bats Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bats Global Markets, today announced a pan-European market share display available free via its public Web site.

BATS Europe is the first Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) to provide this data publicly and free of charge. The display provides near real-time notional value and volume summaries for BATS Europe, as well as other major European exchanges and MTFs.

"In the U.S., BATS has led the way in providing free, transparent market data, including notional value and volume market share information and we are pleased to continue that approach in Europe," said BATS Europe CEO Mark Hemsley. "Being the first MTF to provide a pan-European market share display free of charge is another way we are determined to Make Markets Better in Europe."

The market share display is computed by monitoring major European stock exchange and MTF market data feeds and summarising order book executions from each market centre.

Market share data is produced in near real-time with data for the current day delayed by 15 minutes. The display also shows the average value for the previous five trading days.


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