Taiwan Stock Exchange to roll out new settlement system

Source: Taiwan Stock Exchange

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) will implement new settlement system from February 2 2009.

The settlement time of broker/dealer is changed to 10 a.m. of T+2 for securities and 11 a.m. of T+2 for money.

Settlement time for investors is adjusted to 10 a.m. of T+2. Brokers have to report default of investors to TWSE before 11 a.m. of T+2. Settlement time of overseas investors can be extended to T+3 if their brokers have submitted to TWSE for the status of failed trades for them. Under the new settlement system, the investors can get their money in the early morning, soon after their brokers have completed settlement.

Brokers failing to complete securities settlement in time can apply to TWSE for borrowing stocks for settlement purpose. If they fail to apply for borrowing stocks before 10 a.m. of T+2, TWSE will initiate mandatory borrowing. Brokers in the above two cases have to deposit collateral with TWSE before 11 a.m. of T+2.

The new settlement system brings several benefits to the market: increasing settlement-preparatory time for both investors and brokers, reducing criticism on the over-night risk between delivery of securities and receiving of money on the part of sell-side investors and brokers, and increasing usability of the securities held by the sell-side investors.


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