RTS forms partnership with weather information provider First Insight

Source: RTS Realtime Systems

RTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS), a leading trading solutions provider, announced a new technology partnership with First Insight, the fastest provider of weather information to the trading and financial markets.

The recently launched alliance enables commodity traders employing algorithmic trading to feed digitized real-time data on weather-related news, government weather forecasts and technical indicators into their automated or semi-automated trading strategies and execution.

Leveraging the advanced technology of RTS through its RTD Tango algorithmic trading solution, and of First Insight through its news and data feeds and Trader Dashboard, commodity traders are able to synthesize real-time weather data directly into their trading strategies ensuring rapid execution, based on high-speed delivery of customized information. The alliance marks the first time that data from First Insight is fed directly into an algorithmic trading and execution platform. RTS has built a low-latency feed application programming interface (API) to seamlessly integrate the data into RTD Tango.

First Insight provides tailored weather services for the energy and agricultural trading industries, including key market information to help traders better understand the influence weather may have upon supply, demand and commodity price volatility. The firm combines fundamental factors, such as weather, that move energy and agricultural markets, with technical indicators to provide superior insight into the markets.

First Insight's Trader Dashboard gathers critical information in a real-time delivery which instantly generates alerts. Through RTD Tango, traders can incorporate the data, refine strategies and execute transactions automatically.

The new offering has just been employed by select trading firms in Chicago and New York, with more firms expected to take advantage of the joint initiative soon.

Said Steffen Gemuenden, CEO & President of RTS Realtime Systems: "We continue to identify new ways to give our clients a competitive edge in their trading capabilities. Our technology partnership with First Insight gives our energy and agricultural commodity trading clients a valuable new tool to capitalize on the next frontier of algorithmic trading."

Stephen Mitchell, CEO of First Insight, said: "We are delighted to partner with RTS in combining our comprehensive fundamental and technical data with a proven algorithmic trading platform that allows for high-speed execution based on our data. We are able to deliver the data to commodity traders not only several minutes faster than any other provider but also in both computer-readable formats for algorithmic trading systems and at-a-glance, intuitive formats for traders, rather than merely in the form of weather maps that few traders can interpret directly."

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