First Community Federal CU implements IMM teller item capture system

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, has announced the first installation of its Teller Item Capture (TIC) solution interfaced with DataSafe, First Community Federal Credit Union's in-house core processing system. Parchment, Mich.-based First Community Federal Credit Union has implemented IMM's products to eliminate courier costs, reduce back office time and increase teller productivity.

"IMM's TIC solution was fully encompassing of what First Community needed to be on the forefront of technology and superior member service," said Jeff Cassada, branch operations manager for First Community FCU. "IMM's compatibility with our DataSafe core system enables check scanning at time of presentment and decreases back-office processes. The teller item capture technology not only assists our tellers with reduced transaction time, but also allows them to balance continuously throughout the day.

"Having fully automated processes has not only increased workflow, but instant archival of member transactions cuts down on the time spent for future document retrieval and the length of time our members spend waiting."

IMM's Check 21 TIC is seamlessly interfaced with the core processor and eliminates manually entering the data from deposited checks into the core system. A cash letter is created from the scanned checks and is electronically sent to a corporate credit union, the Fed or other endpoint. A 128-bit encrypted, indexed PDF is created for storage and includes the receipt, scanned checks ID's and other scanned items.

First Community saw IMM's technology as a huge cost saving measure that would increase workflow, reduce paper and additionally offer the advantage of catching and deterring fraud at the frontline teller window. To complement TIC, the credit union has also decided to implement TotaleAtlas, a document preparation engine that electronically captures signatures in-branch and creates a secure and non-editable PDF of the document with the signature embedded; TotaleChecks, a server-based software product that prints online and batch institution official checks on blank security stock paper; and TotaleReceipts, which eliminates the need for pre-printed paper receipts by automating the output of teller transaction receipts. Both TotaleChecks and TotaleReceipts also created a secure and non-editable PDF of the transaction.

"The Fed's aggressive policy of closing processing centers has made conversion to Check 21 mandatory. By starting the process at the teller station it becomes automated from start to finish," said Chuck Klein, CEO of Integrated Media Management. "And with less keystrokes and ease of balancing, tellers have more time to offer additional services to members."

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