Vasco ships smart card reader

Source: Vasco Data Security International

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specialising in authentication products, launches Digipass 855, a smart card reader offering multiple authentication functions combined with "What you see is what you sign" functionality.

DIGIPASS 855 is the upgraded version of DIGIPASS 850. DIGIPASS 855 can be used for PKI-based authentication, digital signature, and access to corporate networks. It offers strong authentication for internet banking, telephone banking and e-commerce environments.

DIGIPASS 855 can be used both in a connected and unconnected mode. In unconnected mode it is an EMV-CAP reader and offers DIGIPASS One-Time password and e-signature capability, which can be used for any type of customized e-banking or e-commerce application. In USB connected mode, it offers DIGIPASS and EMV-CAP functionality with PIN entry, PIN change and signature capability. Next to that, applications can securely be downloaded onto the reader in connected mode.

For PKI-based authentication, secrets and keys are stored on a smart card. DIGIPASS 855 uses the chip card for cryptographic calculation. DIGIPASS 855 offers high speed communication between the card and the reader thanks to its high performance processor.

The combined use of a card reader and a smart card eliminates a number of security risks in case of loss or theft, since no secrets are stored inside the reader. The reader does not require any personalization per user as the reader is initialised on insertion of the smart card and made unique through the PIN code of the smart card. This makes DIGIPASS 855 extremely suitable for large-scale roll-outs to a vast group of end-users.

DIGIPASS 855 offers increased protection against online attacks. Information, such as the PIN-code is directly typed onto the reader's keyboard, as a result the PIN-code is not being used on the PC, which makes it more secure to perform transactions online. Next to that, the "what you see is what you sign" functionality ensures that transaction data are shown onto the reader's screen for confirmation prior to transaction signature. This prevents man-in-the-browser types of fraud.

DIGIPASS 855 is CCID compliant and can as a result be used with all popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It supports multiple languages and the behaviour of the function and controls keys can be customized to support a specific e-banking or e-commerce application.

"With DIGIPASS 855, VASCO again gives an answer to the ever increasing vulnerability of PC platforms in Internet environments. Static passwords no longer offer sufficient protection. By entering the PIN code on the pin pad of the DIGIPASS 855 and not on the computer keyboard increased security measures are in place to protect computer users against fraudulent abuse.", says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.

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