Advancial Federal CU chooses Dynamic card issuance technology

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the leading instant card issuance and PIN selection provider for financial institutions, today announced that Advancial Federal Credit Union will be installing DCS' patented CardWizard software and FCP 20/20 flat card printer in 12 branch locations - enabling the secure instant issuance of unembossed Visa debit cards.

Based in Dallas, Advancial will be installing DCS' instant issue software and hardware in their Texas, Louisiana and Alaska branches. The Credit Union's instant issue program - which will be rolling out throughout 2009 - offers a more secure and convenient method of issuing debit cards. Advancial will be able to now print the permanent debit card immediately at the branch location in lieu of members having to wait seven to 10 business days to receive their card and personal identification numbers (PINs) through the mail. The card can then be immediately used at ATMs and for most POS transactions once the member leaves the branch.

In order to implement an instant card issuance program, Advancial decided to offer its members unembossed debit cards utilizing the FCP 20/20 printer to print, in real time, the cardholder's personal card information on its custom pre-printed plastic. DCS' CardWizard software transfers all personalization data to the FCP 20/20 where the card is securely and immediately printed and presented to the cardholder at the time of their visit.

"In comparison to other instant issue providers, one of the main reasons we chose DCS' instant issue software and hardware was because of its superior security features," said Cathy Lee, Director of Access Services. "Because we are dedicated to innovative ways of servicing our members, we saw that issuing unembossed cards would be a modern, robust and convenient way to add value to our card issuing program. In addition, DCS' FCP 20/20 flat card printer's unembossed technology offers the printing method that is approved by Visa; so it is the ideal solution that fits our needs."

In addition to printing card personalization data, the FCP 20/20 flat card printer can also instantly print vivid high-definition images onto both sides of white blank card stock, eliminating the need to store multiple card stocks at branch locations. The FCP 20/20 offers full, over-edge printing of unembossed cards with a protective film overlay for image permanence and durability, and can customize any card with pre-approved background designs or customer-supplied personal photos approved by the financial institution. It also provides a very secure CVV2 printing method. By enabling a branch to print high-definition background images on demand from blank stock, card inventories of pre-printed card stock is reduced, end-of-day balancing processes for branch personnel is simplified, and the issuance process is made quick and easy.

DCS' CardWizard software is the first and only instant issuance application in the financial marketplace to have validated compliance with Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and Payment Application Best Practices (PABP). This accreditation recognizes CardWizard for meeting Visa's recommended security standards to help protect cardholders from fraud, security breaches and hacking.

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