Aspace adds ActivCard Authentication Software Development Kit to 4Tress

Source: Aspace Solutions

ASPACE Solutions today announced that it has incorporated the ActivCard Authentication Software Development Kit (SDK) with 4TRESS, its enterprise-wide, multi-channel Identification and Verification (ID&V) solution for the financial services market - allowing integration with the ActivCard Secure Remote Access Solution.

ActivCard Corp (Nasdaq: ACTI) is a leading global provider of strong authentication and trusted digital identity solutions for secure remote access, single sign-on and enterprise access cards. This functionality now enables 4TRESS to use ActivCard tokens and EMV to authenticate banking customers, employees and partners across any channel - including the Internet, call centres, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), digital TV, mobile devices, kiosks or point of sale locations.

In addition to delivering a best-of-breed authentication, authorisation and audit solution, integration with 4TRESS provides existing ActivCard customers with support for different authentication types such as one-time passwords, smart cards, SMS or biometrics. Users need only register and authenticate themselves once to enable access through multiple channels. 4TRESS also provides a powerful user administration model to define profiles and privileges on a group, sub-group or individual basis.

The solution is specifically designed to meet the business and regulatory requirements of multi-channel organisations, allowing financial institutions and customers to interact through a common authentication process. 4TRESS enhances the user experience, reduces costs and assists in reducing fraud. Through this integration, ASPACE Solutions also supports ActivCard ActivReader™ Solo.

"The 4TRESS architecture has been designed to support all types and levels of authentication," said Steve Keohane, CEO at ASPACE Solutions. "ActivCard has a strong global reputation and presence in the trusted identity management market and the ActivCard authentication module is an important addition to the 4TRESS portfolio."

"There is increasing pressure on financial service providers to achieve secure channel integration across a variety of channels," said Ben C. Barnes, CEO of ActivCard. "The partnership between ASPACE Solutions and ActivCard provides a seamless solution with strong authentication and one-time passwords that delivers a high level of customer confidence to access sensitive information and perform high-value transactions."

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