Eze Castle Integration launched managed services offering

Source: Eze Castle Integration

Eze Castle Integration, a leading provider of technology and IT services to hedge funds and investment firms, today introduced Eze Managed Services, a comprehensive application bundle within a cost-effective operations and data center framework.

Eze Managed Services offers firms the capabilities of a fully managed and hosted Eze Castle infrastructure without the need for building a data center or purchasing equipment, greatly reducing risk and saving time and money.

Eze Managed Services is designed for smaller firms, providing them with a comprehensive package of applications needed to support daily operations within a completely hosted and secure environment. This offering includes services such as BlackBerry, Microsoft Office Suite and Exchange Server, files services and access to market data feeds. Firms also receive fully redundant disaster recovery plans that are managed at Eze Castle's multiple Tier-III data centers.

Additionally, Eze Managed Services includes a resilient and available technology platform that utilizes the latest anti-virus and anti-spam technology while also employing a highly-developed firewall for complete security. Eze Castle's team of professionals installs the company's infrastructure and provides 24x7x365 support. Eze Managed Services also features an advanced monitoring system that automatically notifies Eze Castle's engineers, leading to faster resolutions.

Using a hosted delivery approach and an all-inclusive per user monthly subscription, Eze Castle eliminates the need for firms to build out and maintain their own IT infrastructures. Funds can reduce upfront capital costs and ongoing operational expenditures, while still having a flexible, enterprise level IT infrastructure. Firms receive simple pricing and access to the necessary applications, letting them focus on making investment decisions instead of IT operations and costs.

"Eze Managed Services gives firms complete flexibility for startup or build-out expansions, letting them grow or change their operational environment without complication," said Bob Guilbert, managing director, Eze Castle Integration. "We work with investment firms of all shapes and sizes so we understand what workt works in today's climate, and we are confident that our new offering is a perfect match for smaller firms looking for enterprise solutions and support in an easy to use and secure environment."

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