IGG Software unveils personal finance tool for iPhone

Source: IGG Software

IGG Software announces the forthcoming release of iBank Mobile, a native iPhone counterpart to iBank 3 - the market-leading personal finance alternative to Quicken on the Mac.

Capable of running on both the iPhone and iPod Touch, this new release will be available exclusively for download from the iTunes App Store in the first quarter of this year.

Among the new application's highlights:

  • iBank Mobile can be run as a stand-alone app, providing a great way to enter transactions, including transaction splits, or to track spending and account balances.
  • Existing iBank users can sync iBank data and new transactions from mobile devices using a MobileMe account for effortless, continual updating; with a WebDAV server; or directly via Wi-Fi to a local machine running iBank.
  • A Quick Entry screen allows users to enter and categorize transactions in seconds, with intelligent autofill speeding entry even further.
  • Multiple currency support is included for world travelers and today's global economy.
  • Multiple users with iBank, such as couples or business partners, can sync to the same iBank data from different mobile devices.
  • The iBank Mobile Home Screen provides an at-a-glance overview of the user's finances; users will be able to see current balances across multiple accounts and where money is being spent at any time.
  • Rotating the screen of an iPhone or iPod Touch allows users to get a better picture of finances over time.

"We're confident that this first version of iBank Mobile will satisfy most users wanting to track personal finances on their iPhone," notes IGG Chief Architect James Gillespie. "Certainly, some features on the phone will work differently than features on the Mac. But we weren't trying to port iBank to the phone - we just want to make a great iPhone app."

IGG Software, LLC, was founded in 2003 by developer Ian Gillespie. Located in Putney, Vermont, the company engages in sustainable practices such as purchasing all of its energy from renewable sources.

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