Diebold publishes outsourcing e-book

Source: Diebold

With the massive restructuring of global banking markets, financial institutions are facing challenging economic conditions.

These dramatic changes are creating a need for solutions that can help deliver cost efficiencies and manage resource constraints; one such solution is outsourcing, which is now a $14 trillion industry, according to Dunn & Bradstreet. To help financial institutions better understand the benefits of outsourcing Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) has launched a complete reference guide in the form of an eBook.

Diebold, recognised as one of the world's top outsourcing companies for two consecutive years by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), has created the eBook to provide an easy way to access information about outsourcing and help financial institutions assess whether the strategy could be viable for them. Highlighting demand for such information, the Outsourcing eBook from Diebold was viewed in its initial weeks of release by financial institutions from 26 countries and six continents.

"This is clearly an indication of high interest in outsourcing, in North America, Latin America, and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and it's a result of daily changes in our financial markets," says Charles E. Ducey, senior vice president, global development and services, Diebold. "More than ever, financial institutions must focus on strategic initiatives that grow their customer base and protect their assets. Outsourcing enables them to do that more effectively."

The Outsourcing eBook from Diebold is a highly interactive resource guide that provides a comprehensive look at outsourcing trends, success stories, possibilities and frequently asked questions.

Areas covered include how to assess whether outsourcing is right for your organisation, the benefits of outsourcing and how to measure its success.

Because of the eBook's initial popularity, Diebold is planning translated versions for various global markets, with a Spanish version already created and available now.

"We chose an eBook because the format is compatible with today's hectic lifestyles. It can be viewed on portable electronic devices, such as PDAs, and it enables viewers to move quickly through the material in the order they prefer," Ducey says.

"The idea is resonating with decision-makers at financial institutions around the world. In its first few weeks of release, the outsourcing eBook received nearly 100 international visits," Ducey said.

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