CashFac upgrades virtual bank technology

Source: CashFac

Working with the world's leading fund managers, brokers, professional firms, asset managers and banks, CashFac has proven its new Series 3 of VBT.

Operating on .NET platforms VBT manages client money in real time to achieve the most client responsive, automatically compliant and trustee friendly client money technology available today. Whether you manage client money and accounts actively as part of a broader range of client services or as part of a professional service, VBT has the features, functions and compliance track record to help your business offer the best in safe client money services.

Real time client access. The new CAM (Client Access Module) is the optional feature that gives your clients direct access to view client accounts on line, to monitor accrued interest in real time, to access statements on line and, at your option, to deposit and withdraw money in a straight through process in connection with their main bank accounts. Clients can see transactions on their accounts as they are authorized.

Real time user registration. For high volume usage VBT Series 3's advanced user registration enables efficient self registration using secretly generated serial numbers and separately distributed PINs.

Real time connectivity. VBT Series 3's Web Services enables business events, primary records and client record maintenance in the user's main business systems to generate transactions, authorisations and client account maintenance in real time.

Real time transaction generation. VBT's Internet based processing enables real time transaction generation at the point of client service. The real time transaction authorization enables centralized financial control or independent trustees to digitally sign transactions remotely. Embedded emailing informs the relevant stakeholder of authorization exceptions in real time.

Real time allocation. CashFac's ATMA (Advanced Transaction Matching and Allocation) achieves real time fund allocation, segregation and STP accounting.

Real time audit trail. The advanced audit functions of VBT Series 3 tracks and time stamps in rreal time all events around transaction creation, authorization, refused authority, access and failed access attempts, user maintenance and system events. The audit trail maintains a centralized track which is protected and viewable on line.

Real time compliance. VBT Series 3 maintains continuous reconciliation, segregation of funds, authorization, statements, audit trail, accrued interest and real time checking of available funds on all client accounts.

VBT has the longest track record of any specialist client money technology. It is used by more leading businesses in different sectors of client money management than any other technology. And CashFac is the technology company that more banks use for specialist client deposit solutions than any other. VBT Series 3 is CashFac's third generation of client money technology and is the culmination of 15 years of continuous research & development in close conjunction with CashFac users.

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