Shanghai Stock Exchange completes third phase of data warehouse project

Source: Shanghai Stock Exchange

The successful completion of the third phase of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) data warehouse marks the establishment of China's first enterprise data warehouse master-slave dual systems (production and disaster recovery systems).

By improving the information resources sharing and the operation efficiency, the enterprise data warehouse project has provided a comprehensive computation, verification and implementation platform for value-added information services and other innovative services, laying a solid foundation for the SSE's leading position in data services.

As an important component of the SSE's information strategic planning, the construction of the enterprise data warehouse aims to better serve all the related links of securities information products by advancing the informatization, decision-making support, market supervision and services, and promoting the product innovation of securities market.

The construction of the data warehouse took a long time. The first phase of Operational Data Store (ODS), completed by the SSE in 2003, focused on the SSE basic data platform; in December 2005, it completed the second phase of Multi-Dimensional Data Store (DDS) for the building of applied analysis system and the improvement of data warehouse management. After the two phases, the SSE's data warehouse system, ranking top in the world regarding the advanced technology and applied functions, has become a necessary information sharing platform for the securities market.

In view of the huge influence on the securities market that may be brought by the internal/external services suspension of the data warehouse as a result of disasters, the SSE has, based on the two phases, launched the third phase of building China's first enterprise data warehouse master-slave system in July 2007 to secure the continuous data analysis and information service for the stable development of the securities market. By collaborating with Teradata Corporation, the global leader in data warehouse and enterprise analytical solutions, the SSE has implemented a new plan, that is, to optimize the current data platform system framework, adopt diversified storage and protect the old system's investment by the full usage of the existing equipment; store the consistent and redundant detailed data and collected data. In so doing, the system will secure continuous data analysis and information services in case of any breakdown.

The data warehouse master-slave system, completed in one year, with its processing performance 49% faster than the old platform, demonstrates the SSE's advanced concepts as well as Teradata's powerful professional knowledge and technology capabilities. Bai Shuo, engineer-in-chief and also Assistant to SSE President, said the SSE has upgraded data warehouse after the Phase III with the support of Teradata's technology team, achieving the four goals of integration, expansion, diversity storage and citywide disaster recovery system. During the project implementation, the transfers between the two data warehouse systems, made within 30 minutes without any changes or errors in source code, data content or data output, proves that the system was upgraded in a fast, precise and efficient manner and could support the normal operation of the exchange's business at the same time. Therefore, the experience of this project is a good example for other similar enterprises to build their data warehouse disaster recovery systems.

According to Director Jiang Jianren of the SSE's Information Center, the SSE's data warehouse has seen great improvement in system performance and operation capability. If one system should break down, 250 users of the exchange's 12 departments could still use over 600 applications via the disaster recovery system. Meanwhile, with the outward data output services guaranteed, the system's processing performance can satisfy the business departments' needs, leaving no influence on the stable operation of the securities market. Besides, concerning the processing performance of the third phase, the master system and the slave system are 57% and 49% faster respectively than the old ones. In face of various simulated breakdowns, the system switching, to be made within 30 minutes, with guaranteed data comparison and simultaneous checking, assures the data consistency of the master-slave system.

According to General Manager Yang Shunsheng of Teradata East China, the SSE's data warehouse Phase III, the first disaster recovery system of database warehouse established by Teradata in the Asian and Pacific regions, turned out to the best industry practice in the integration of advanced products, the complexity of technology integration, the completeness of applied functions and the wide range of businesses.

In future, the SSE will continue to take the lead in domestic securities market with the support of the data warehouse platform and speed up its pace in becoming the world top data service stock exchange by providing information services on investor education, strengthening the data interaction between data warehouse and business systems, developing the data warehouse towards a real-time mode, realizing real-time business intelligence, and satisfying the data analytical needs of the regulatory authorities, SSE's staff and market participants.

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