Diamis tackles counterparty risk with Cristal platform

Source: Diamis

Diamis announced that its current Cristal web3 version is yet providing treasurers with enhanced flow control features enabling real-time stop payment for any preset sensitive counterparty.

Payment for which the content matches counterparty risk criteria is routed to a specific queue, for further manual decision. Instant "stop sending" features are also available in case of unexpected situations, that may act as global or more selective payment filters.

Marc Raimbault, CEO of Diamis said: "CRISTAL enhanced flow control functionality is unlike any other offering, especially in such a difficult period of financial markets turmoil, where treasurers have to constantly keep an eye on their outflow".

Sabine Lévêque, Diamis' Deputy Manager and CRISTAL product Manager, reported: "We have received very good feedback from our customers that CRISTAL plays a major role in the current procedures for preventing counterparty and liquidity risks. We are also working with them to expand the scope and reliability of CRISTAL flow control features".


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