Ingenico receives kernel approval from EMVCo

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, the world's leading provider of secure transaction and payment systems has achieved a major breakthrough in EMV Type Approval with the world's first Multi Configuration Kernel approval. This kernel makes it possible to provide a portfolio of eight different configurations ready for deployment in diverse applications.

While traditionally, each version of an EMV application kernel (the software that drives an EMV smart card transaction) required separate approval for each configuration, EMVCo has introduced the Multi Configuration Kernel approach (MCK). Now, under strictly controlled conditions, different configurations of a kernel can be approved together, and then the basic terminal application selects which configuration to use. Ingenico has pioneered the new Multi Configuration Kernel approval process by contributing the original requirements inputs for such a process and then being the first to implement it.

As a result, EMVCo has now approved eight different configurations of the Ingenico UNICAPTTM 32 kernel available on the entire range of Ingenico's new iSeries terminals. Ingenico has selected these configurations to offer combinations of terminal type (attended/unattended, merchant/bank), Cardholder Verification Method (Offline PIN/Online PIN/Signature/No CVM Required) and other parameters able to meet requirements around the world.

Additional configurations can now be added, with reduced testing. This makes for greater efficiency in the approval process and minimises time to market for all terminal applications using the kernel.

Bernard Morvant, Ingenico Vice President for Partnerships, expressed his satisfaction over this approval, stating, "Ingenico is clearly the leader in EMV deployment today. This new EMVCo approval is beneficial for our customers. Building on our EMV expertise, we offer an advanced software architecture that allows for faster development of payment applications as well as faster EMV deployment. By giving customers greater choice in configurations, we help banks and merchants make the transition to the new level of payment security more quickly."

Ingenico's MCK kernel has been designated version 3.001. This incorporates all specification updates currently published by EMVCo, and may be run on any and all Ingenico UNICAPT TM 32 terminals.

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