Xtrakter introduces mark to market valuation service

Source: Xtrakter

Xtrakter the market utility, is pleased to announce the launch of XM2M its new mark to market valuation service.

XM2M is the first in a series of new tailored information offerings from Xtrakter.

XM2M allows inter-dealer brokers and market makers to ensure their securities are correctly valued. XM2M provides subscribers with fixed income market prices (traded and quoted) sourced from over 150 financial institutions and selective reference data to assist them in determining the market value of their assets and the ability to conduct price testing. It is the first product to be created out of Xtrakter's new data warehouse.

"Over the last year, Xtrakter has invested heavily in the development of our information services department and our new data warehouse. We have been working closely with our clients to create a flexible data product that would meet the ever changing needs of the market. We aim to roll out more information products over the next six months..." said, Kevin Milne, Chief Executive, Xtrakter

XM2M expands on the repository's new flexible delivery format, its wealth of fixed income data and allows subscribers to slice and dice information as they see fit. No longer do Xtrakter's subscribers need to take bulk files, they can simply extract the information they require by providing a set of ISINs and obtain the data in a flexible format tailored to meet their needs.

XM2M offers subscribers a wide range of new data capabilities such as:

  • Unique data for mark-to-market and price testing calculations
  • 100% on demand (pay as you use)
  • ISIN download service
  • Data on over 600,000 securities
  • 10,000 daily quoted prices
  • 8,000+ fixed income prices
  • Time series reference data
  • Flexible data delivery system

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