Migratory publishes Web streaming RMDS benchmarking stats

Source: Migratory Data Systems

Migratory Data Systems released today the benchmarking results for its RMDS2WEB Server. Able to serve 500,000 concurrent users from a $2,000 machine, Migratory's web streaming server becomes the industry's most scalable AJAX/Comet real-time push web server.

Migratory Data Systems published today on its web site detailed benchmarking results for its RMDS2WEB Server.
RMDS2WEB Server is a high performance technology that publishes in real-time financial information and news from any Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) to any standard web browser with zero installation on the client side. The server has built-in integration with both RMDS 5 and RMDS 6 including Reuters Data Access Control System (DACS) and Reuters News.
Dr. Mihai Rotaru, Chief Technology Officer says: "We have developed our web streaming technology with a team of elite software engineers and doctors in Computer Science and Mathematics. The performance results obtained are currently the best in the web streaming comet server market and I estimate it will be very difficult to be equaled by the other participants in this arena."

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