SMA improves Bureau Service security

Source: SMA Financial

SMA Financial (, SWIFT Regional partner for UK, Eire and Channel Islands today announced that customers can now connect to the SMA Bureau Service using enhanced secure internet access. SMA has combined the industry leading RSA one time authentication tokens with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to positively identify users for standard and remote connection to the Bureau Service. This innovative offering effectively lowers the total cost of ownership for connectivity to the services offered by the Bureau.

The use of SSL and RSA one time authentication tokens generates an encrypted session that allows users to connect directly to the Bureau Service. The new internet access solution ensures the data transfer is secure. The RSA tokens produce a new random passcode every 60 seconds provide a higher level of user security than static reusable passwords which could be compromised by keylogging software or other malicious techniques.

Christian Antrobus, Chief Information Officer, SMA Financial said, "SMA has invested in providing a high level of interoperability to deliver more flexible and secure connectivity into the Bureau Service. By combining the industry leading RSA technology with SSL we can meet the market needs for greater security, authentication and compliance, as well as being able to implement it quickly, easily and cost effectively."

Users who wish to connect to the Bureau Service can do so via a standard web browser. In addition to entering a username and password, the user has to input the passcode from the RSA device. It provides customers with stronger user authentication and greater control over who has access to critical messaging and operational SWIFT infrastructure. The enhanced security supplied by the RSA solution is of course also available to users that are using Bureau Service connectivity methods other than Internet based SSL.

The enhanced access solution provides the highest possible level of reassurance for customers wanting a more secure connection into the Bureau Service. It also works well in a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment where users can avoid the high costs normally associated with maintaining separate point to point infrastructure.

This solution enables remote internet access to the same library of solutions and interfaces that are available to the user via their office desktop. It provides additional flexibility to home or remote workers, or those with infrequent access needs, e.g. Directors who occas who occasionally need to provide sign off.

Antrobus concluded, "The SMA secure internet access is more secure than systems with passwords that can be valid for an indefinite period of time, and easier to use than challenge-response systems that require multiple steps to generate a valid code. It is based on mature and proven technology from an industry leading expert in security. There is also a clear benefit for companies using the enhanced secure internet access for DR purposes, as they can lower the costs of maintaining this facility, potentially increase the operational recovery time and their staff could be based anywhere that they can find a connection to the Web."

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