MasterCard doubles vendor programme participants

Source: MasterCard

MasterCard International today announced that the number of participating companies in the MasterCard Vendor Program (MVP) has doubled to more than 150 companies, since the program was first launched in May 2002. MVP's integrated approach provides vendors with a single point of access to the information, expertise and resources needed to most effectively and efficiently serve financial institutions using the MasterCard payments platform.

MasterCard's global information portal, MasterCard OnLine, provides participants with timely, accurate and dependable information at their convenience. Through MasterCard Online, companies can access technical specifications, product requirements, bulletins and alerts anytime, anywhere they need to – thereby ensuring companies are able to build their products to be 'MasterCard ready.'

In addition to having 24X7 support through MasterCard Online, face-to-face briefings, known as MasterCard Global Vendor Information Forums, are held twice a year. These Forums allow companies to meet, discuss and plan their product development strategy directly with MasterCard experts. The next MasterCard Global Vendor Information Forum will take place later this year in the United States.

"As a participant of the MasterCard Vendor Program for more than two years now, the program has proven to be an important resource for ACI Worldwide," said Jeff Hale, Chief Marketing Officer of ACI Worldwide. "MasterCard has provided us with the resources and tools needed to successfully meet the needs of our customers and to develop new products and services that support the MasterCard payment platform."

"MasterCard is proud that participation in the MasterCard Vendor Program has grown so rapidly," said Jerry McElhatton, President, Global Technology and Operations, MasterCard International. "With MasterCard vendor support teams based in both the United States and Europe, we strive to provide program participants with excellent support through extended hours and access to representatives who are sensitive to their local, regional and global requirements."

MVP also provides an important resource for MasterCard customer financial institutions, who can easily access vendor listings to find program participants capable of meeting a range of product, service or consulting needs. Participants in the MasterCard Vendor Program are also easily identifiable by their use of an MVP identifier listed on their Web sites and marketing collateral.

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