De La Rue ships banknote sorter

Source: De La Rue

De La Rue, the world's largest commercial security printer and cash sorting company, unveiled its new DLR7000, high-speed banknote sorter.

Newly appointed Managing Director of the Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) division, Kevin Freeguard launched the sorter at The Currency Conference in Prague, Czech Republic earlier this year. The DLR7000 is the latest innovation in a range of hardware and software products to offer bulk cash handlers improved productivity, performance and security in their cash processing centres.

The innovative features and enhancements in the software, note path and detector suite of the DLR7000 have been specifically developed to meet the exacting needs of all bulk cash handlers.

Kevin says, "De La Rue has been developing bulk cash handling solutions for more than 30 years. We strive for innovation and combine this with our industry knowledge to create solutions that enhance our customers' business needs. Our range of products and services have been designed to ensure our customers' cash centres function in the most efficient and secure method for today and tomorrow. That takes real insight. With the DLR7000, bulk cash handlers can be assured of the most efficient and secure solution for their cash processing centres."

The DLR7000 was created with the customer in mind and, as such, it boasts a number of benefits to assist them in achieving their business requirements:

  • Inertial corners is an added feature to enhance the repeatability of fitness testing, thereby ensuring the quality of banknotes being re-introduced back into the currency cycle
  • The feeder has been designed to handle very poor quality notes and has a 4,000 note capacity, upgrading to 6,000 if necessary, making this the best in class feeder. This innovation will assist in improving overall productivity
  • Complete on-site machine configuration, from sort modes to detector parameters, making this machine customer specific
  • Modular design to enable smooth integration with existing infrastructure and can be configured to enable it to adapt toto adapt to changing customer needs; thereby avoiding costly and timely upgrades
  • Increased usability of the hardware with an easy to view graphical interface, supplying a consistent flow of accurate machine activity.

Developed with the customer in mind
The DLR7000 is a truly modular system, based on an open architecture to smoothly integrate with existing infrastructure, enabling customers to contain business costs whilst continually meeting their growing business expectations.

The DLR7000 is also equipped with the option of biometric access control. This will replace password entry and work in conjunction with a smart card. With biometrics, the presence of users will be guaranteed 100 per cent, reinforcing the security of procedures such as supervisor overrides and technician access.

Innovative product design to improve the throughput speed

To assist in maximising and maintaining throughput levels, De La Rue has developed inertial corners, a hardware design that helps to flatten the banknote as it moves around the detectors, reducing the probability of note jams and ensuring the quality of banknotes that are re-introduced back into the currency cycle.

The feeder holds 4,000 banknotes and offers a continuous feed as air is blown onto the feeder separating the banknotes, reducing the number of possible misfeeds and delivering faster throughput. If required there is an extension module to increase the capacity of banknotes up to 6,000; all focussed on improving user productivity.

Enhancement and Innovations
De La Rue's patented Automated Commercial Deposit Processing, (ACDP), enables multiple customer deposits to be processed continuously, in a single pass, without stops for batch balancing and reports. With ACDP, reconciliation is performed off-line. When used in conjunction with options in single-pass orientation, denomination, mixed currency and fitness sorting, the single-pass processing options are unlimited.

Reducing the cost of ownership and future proofing
To reflect the inevitable technology advances and to maintain the security and integrity of banknotes, cash centres will want to upgrade the detector suite within their high-speed sorters. The DLR7000 has been built to accommodate the addition of more detectors, both electronically and mechanically, without the need to increase the space available.

Working in conjunction with cash processing operators
Developing machinery to improve the working processes within the cash centre is important, however De La Rue does understand the need to improve the interface between the operators and the machinery they work with. As such De La Rue has designed the DLR7000 with the user in mind to provide ergonomically designed covers and improved software interface for operators to use.

Industry-leading throughput
Whilst moving currency at up to 2,000 notes per minute the DLR7000 processes notes of any orientation, denomination or issue and delivers dramatic efficiency gains within the cash centre. In order to optimise cash processing capabilities this ground-breaking hardware also boasts a more defined upgrade path and can incorporate new features such as detector expansion modules, De La Rue's AutoFacer system and additional five sorter pockets.

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