SuperDerivatives reports Conwert Immobilien Invest deal

Source: SuperDerivatives

Conwert Immobilien Invest SE has selected SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for derivatives pricing, to hedge cross-border currency exposures and to strengthen and expand its capacity to trade interest rate derivatives.

Conwert has deployed SuperDerivatives' SD-IR and SD-FX platforms to provide accurate pricing and a range of tools to enhance its interest rate derivatives business, increasing its ability to hedge against interest rate exposure associated with its loan book and to hedge, manage and report its currency exposures associated with each loan. Utilizing SuperDerivatives' multi asset and cross asset capabilities, Conwert will be able to obtain the combined FX and interest rates risk reports and analysis.

Conwert is one of the largest Central European residential property companies and a major developer of period properties in Vienna. Conwert invests in high-quality, inner-city residential properties with the potential for redevelopment, and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The business has a presence in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Conwert co-ordinates a significant number of loans across a diverse property portfolio, and needed accurate pricing for advanced interest rate options and to secure accurate mark to market end of day evaluations, together with tools to manage cross-border currency exposures.

SuperDerivatives' interest rates front office system, SD-IR, features real-time, accurate market prices, risk management and analytics for interest rate derivatives in all currencies where a derivatives marketplace exists. The online 24-hour system delivers market prices for a wide range of interest rate derivatives, structures and products including CMS-based products, a full suite of callable structures and target redemption structures. All structures include Greeks, buckets and charting tools.

The system also provides a full historical database of rates, volatilities and correlations that enables retroactive pricing of portfolios, as well as a multi-asset blotter which can display trades in all asset classes and generate a variety of reports for clients.

Bob Emerson, Product Manager for Interest Rates, SuperDerivatives, comments: "We are very pleased that Conwert chose to base its trading activity on our platforms. SuperDerivatives' combination of vanilla and advanced derivatives price discovery, award-winning market data, sophisticated analytics, and an intuitive user-friendly interface gives our customers the power to more effectively manage risk and maximise business opportunities, especially in the current market conditions.

"The wide set of tools we have added to our systems in the past few years are now becoming extremely efficient and important."

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