Bank Sarasin selects phion to protect Web applications

Source: phion

Bank Sarasin and phion are expanding their partnership. This means that the Web Application Firewall (WAF) will be protecting Sarasin against unwanted intruders to the private bank's eBanking solution, but also to the web applications it is currently using.

This will ensure that the financial institution can meet the highest requirements of security and availability.

"We have had an extremely positive experience with phion's WAF solution in the past," says Branislav Siarsky, Head of E-Commerce at Sarasin. "This solution has passed a whole range of internal and external tests with flying colours, not to mention that it has produced considerable cost savings for us, compared with alternative solutions."

All the Sarasin web applications protected by phion are monitored all the time. This means that access is systematically and completely controlled and filtered. Access is only permitted to those users who have successfully and conclusively passed the authentication process via the authorised connections. Every request passes through a multi-level filter that automatically recognises and blocks in fractions of a second any unauthorised access or tampering attempts.

"We are delighted that Bank Sarasin is pleased with our Web Application Firewall," says Roman Hugelshofer, Sales Director for Web Application Security at phion. "The fact that our cooperation is being extended for a further four years provides us with the clearest evidence that we are meeting our customers' stringent demands."

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