EMVCo chooses Integri to develop contactless terminal test tool

Source: Integri

Integri, a leading provider of test tools and test services for payment, ticketing and mobile applications, today introduces a unique test tool qualified by EMVCo which validates the digital functionality of the communication protocol (level 1 digital testing) within contactless terminals.

To ensure worldwide interoperability and acceptance of contactless payment cards, EMVCo created the Terminal Type Approval process to which all EMV terminals must conform. With this new test tool from Integri, contactless card accepting devices are verified and debugged at digital and timing levels. The PC-based tool offers device manufacturers a complete set of recommended test scenarios and test facilities for optimal user convenience. The solution uses the Micropross SCL1 terminal adaptor.

Jan De Meester, General Manager at Integri, commented: "The mere fact that an industry institute such as EMVCo opts for our test technology to maintain and enhance global EMV standards, reflects our reputation as a provider of trusted, state-of-the-art test solutions. We are proud to offer the only contactless terminal test tool on the market that has received EMVCo qualification."

Tac Watanabe, Chair of the Board of Managers at EMVCo, added: "The tool is to be used by the accredited EMVCo labs during the official Terminal Type Approval process. With the arrival of numerous contactless payment initiatives around the globe, this test suite now enables vendors to debug and type-approve their terminals which will consequently reduce time-to-market and control deployment costs."

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