Wirecard dumps transfer fees for Christmas

Source: Wirecard

Just in time for the start to the Advent season in the run-up to Christmas, users of the Wirecard Internet payment service can look forward to a very special gift: from the first Advent weekend until the end of the year, they can replenish their credit balance free of charge by transfer.

The charges from user to user have also been suspended in this period.

Compared with crowded pedestrian precincts and shopping centers, shopping for Christmas gifts on the Internet certainly has its advantages - in the comfort of their own homes, male and female Santas can choose the very best presents at their leisure. If price comparison portals are used in the process, online shoppers also stand to benefit from the large number of providers and often come across the most amazing bargains.

Whoever also wants to enjoy the full pleasure and benefits of Christmas shopping as regards security, can opt for the clever online payment using Wirecard. The principle is similar to that of a prepaid mobile phone - a credit balance is paid in via the Wirecard online account and is available in the form of a 16-digit MasterCard number, expiration date and Card Verification Code (CVC2) for online purchases.

The big question, namely "Where can I pay with it?" doesn't arise, because users can pay with their virtual MasterCard to pay all outlets that accept MasterCard - and that's more than 2.5 million merchants on the Internet across the globe.

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