Online brokers added to Geezeo comparison site


Now there is a single destination to compare online brokers in one place. expanded its user-driven Geezeo Marketplace to include ratings of online brokerage firms. Site visitors can evaluate brokerage firms based on initial investment required, associated fees related to stocks, options, retirement accounts, mutual funds, and community reviews. In an atmosphere of uncertainty in the banking sector Geezeo anticipates consumer interest in peer-reviewed financial institutions.

"Geezeo is all about helping our community of users save and make money," says Peter Glyman, Geezeo co-founder. "A recent survey showed that more than half our users save over $100 per month using Geezeo to budget and track their finances. The addition of the Brokerage Marketplace will provide another resource for our users to find the best investment products to help them reach their financial goals."

Geezeo is categorized as a "social finance" site and frequently leverages the collective wisdom of their community. Geezeo users regularly evaluate their financial products. This shared feedback can be seen throughout the site and especially in the Geezeo Marketplace. The advantage is the ability to get feedback from people who actually use the product. A user can immediately see what peers think of a particular service.

A user can also view screenshots and preview the broker's trading tools before signing up and sharing sensitive personal data.

"This new section of the Geezeo Marketplace does not just benefit the end consumer," adds Glyman. "Brokers themselves stand to gain from their placement on, and involvement with Geezeo. It's good for brokers to highlight their features, awards, customer service in a forum that people trust. Brokers can join in on discussions with customers in a way that demonstrates their commitment to transparency and quality service."

Zecco Holdings, Inc., providing access to $0 stock trading through its wholly owned subsidiary Zecco Trading, Inc. (member FINRA /SIPC), embraces the ability to speak directly to investors through Geezeo Brokerage. Michiel de Boer, Community Director at Zecco Holdings explains: "At we offer a wide array of "social finance" features, allowing our users to share and debate their actual holdings, trades, and performance. Hence, we've noticed that our online-savvy investors also use and trust Geezeo for their budgeting needs. We already have a popular Zecco group at Geezeo where we directly interact with investors. So, it's a natural segue to see how investors rate us and our products."

The marketplace will also be made available for syndication as a feed creating great revenue opportunities for publishers interested in distributing.

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