Alpha Theory upgrades portfolio management platform

Source: Alpha Theory

Alpha Theory announces its newest software release today which includes multiple enhancements based on client feedback.

The Alpha Theory user community was influential in assisting to develop the latest version of this portfolio management software. Some of the enhancement highlights include:

  1. Equity Options - provide pricing for domestic equity options as well as delta adjusted exposure.
  2. Analyst Grading Tool - ability to grade analysts in a fashion that will constrain optimal position size.
  3. Global Asset (created for firms with multiple funds) - an asset changed in one fund will now change across all funds in the firm.
  4. Enhanced Data Import - large quantity position, scenario, and notes data can be imported by the Alpha Theory Support team. User managed imports coming soon.
  5. Downside Risk / Fund Risk Calculations - pull up two new columns that calculate the downside risk for an asset and potential fund loss that asset represents.
  6. Fund Risk Exposure Calculation - calculate aggregate potential downside exposure for the fund.

"Alpha Theory is excited about the rapid pace with which the product is developing," said Cameron Hight, President and CEO of Alpha Theory. "Alpha Theory is rapidly transitioning from pure portfolio optimization into a portfolio management platform that provides optimization, organization, research management, risk management, analyst assessment and portfolio analytics. Alpha Theory's growth is making it the vanguard of fundamental portfolio management software."

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