Mobile FarmWare taps PayPartners card services

Source: RTP Financial Services

RTP Financial Services, today announced an agreement with Mobile FarmWare, LLC to provide its PayPartners Pay Card services for their clients.

The new debit MasterCard Pay Card will be issued to and used for clients who use Mobile FarmWare's "Windows Accounting Made Simple" software.

This strategic partnership between PayPartners and Mobile FarmWare will enable their clients to help serve their unbanked and underserved workers. This alliance allows the Mobile FarmWare clients the ability to enroll workers in the pay card program, issue and re-issue pay cards, and move monies in real time by utilizing the new PayPartners integration features found in Mobile FarmWare's "Windows Accounting Made Simple" software and/or the PayPartners Back Office Portal. Many of these clients have experienced check fraud and had resorted to paying employees in cash. Their clients' employees will now benefit from the opportunity to enter the financial services sector. Ryan Powers, Managing Partner of RTP Financial Services said, "We are honored to be chosen by Mobile FarmWare to add our Pay Card service to their program offering. The PayPartners pay card program combined with "Windows Accounting Made Simple" provides an unparalleled growth opportunity for PayPartners and Mobile FarmWare, and for their clients as well."

Companies enrolled in the PayPartners program have lowered payroll costs by up to 70 percent by providing a unique solution to an enormous problem that occurs millions of times daily. With the PayPartners program, our clients have saved millions of dollars in time and money by eliminating paper checks and wire fund fees through direct deposit, streamlining the payroll process, and increasing operational efficiency across the board. Christy Bustabad, VP of Operations said, "We are enthusiastic about our new business relationship with PayPartners. Our clients are constantly searching to improve their methods of payroll processing. With the integration of PayPartners and our accounting software, we will provide our clients a more secure, reliable and affordable option of paying their employees."

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