Digital Resolve granted US patent for online fraud detection technique

Source: Digital Resolve

Digital Resolve, a leading provider of online authentication and fraud detection solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent on one of the techniques used within the company's Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication solution to detect fraud within the online channel.

"This patent helps to validate one of several key fraud detection techniques within our Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication platform," said Dennis Maicon, executive vice president of Digital Resolve. "With this and the many patents pending on our other fraud detection techniques, it becomes abundantly clear that Digital Resolve has been a pioneer in discovering new and innovative ways to help businesses stay one step ahead of online criminals."

The patented technique is extremely valuable when identifying online transaction fraud for any type of transaction within any type of account, from online banking to e-commerce to online trading. By leveraging the IP Intelligence within Digital Resolve's award-winning Fraud Analyst platform to determine the type of network from which an end user is accessing online accounts, and then looking at transaction frequency from the end user's IP address, clients across industries are able to set acceptable transaction frequency thresholds and leverage this technique to identify potentially fraudulent transactions.

Deployed at leading financial institutions, e-commerce providers and online retailers across North America, Fraud Analyst provides powerful yet non-impacting customer protection, and is proven to reduce online fraud by as much as 90 percent. Utilizing patent-pending behavior profiles and patented IP Intelligence technology and fraud detection techniques, Fraud Analyst learns how customers normally behave both at log in and when conducting transactions within their online accounts, allowing clients to spot anomalies indicative of fraud -- all without disrupting the normal customer experience. Furthermore, Fraud Analyst provides the industry's most powerful research, analysis and reporting tools that are helping clients truly understand the way in which online users - and criminals -- interact with their online channel.

Patent number 7,438,226 generally covers a method, system or computer-readable medium carrying a computer program for determining if one or more online transactions are fraudulent by computing a transaction frequency with which one or more transactions are attempted or executed from an IP address within a predetermined period of time; determining the host type associated with the IP address; and executing a function to generate a risk score.

Patent 7,438,226 is one in a series of patents the company expects to be granted in the field of online fraud detection.


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