SIX Swiss Exchange revamps Web site

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange

The new-look SIX Swiss Exchange website, packed with useful tools and features, goes live on 19 November 2008.


In addition to its fresh design, offers investors - professional and now also private - in-depth financial knowledge, compact business news, the latest market prices, impartial information on companies and investment products, as well as comprehensive analyses and ratings.

SIX Swiss Exchange has massively expanded its internet offering. Many of the instruments featured on the new website are geared specifically to private investors. "With our new website, we want to appeal to the general public, and thereby make stock exchange trading and stock exchange products more transparent and, in particular, easier to understand", says Christoph Bigger, CEO SIX Swiss Exchange.

To serve users better, the new website breaks down market data in to equities, bonds, and ETFs and funds. Product information is simple to find and presented in detail, making it easier to compare different financial instruments.

Special securities analysis tools help investors to review their investment strategy, while easy-to-follow web tutorials provide a comprehensive guide to the site's various areas.

The "Know-how" section gives newcomers to the exchange a basic grounding in individual financial products, as well as how exchange trading works. This wealth of information is then rounded out by a glossary and current finance articles.

The SIX Swiss Exchange website is being expanded all the time to include further information and analysis tools.

The following is a summary of the instruments on offer to investors:

  • Equities, bonds, and ETFs & funds: Detailed information and market prices on all securities listed and traded on SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • News: Dow Jones News, new listings, official notices, management transactions, significant shareholders and communiqués on indices.
  • Know-how: Basic knowledge about stock exchange trading and equities, bonds, ETFs and funds as financial products.
  • myMarketpulse: The individual area, with a host of features - such as watch lists and alarm lists - enabling users to monitor the market actively.
  • Tools: Features such as a Bond Calculator, the Analysts' Compass, and Yield Curves to help investors analyse financial products.

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