Tescocompare adds van insurance channel

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Tescocompare.com, your financial search engine, today announces the launch of its new van insurance channel.

The channel offers van drivers an easy and simple way to compare over 300 insurance deals from 17 van insurance brokers.

As with all of Tescocompare.com's channels, the new van insurance offering not only compares insurance premiums but more importantly it compares the specifics of the policy's details. Van drivers can compare policies from a variety of insurers on a like for like basis across different features, such as compulsory and voluntary excess, audio and windscreen limits.

Users of Tescocompare.com simply have to enter their details once and can then compare between fully comprehensive, third party fire & theft, and third party quotes at a click of a button - without having to re-enter their details. In addition, every driver getting a quote with Tescocompare.com van insurance automatically qualifies for a free Legal Expenses Insurance policy worth £25, even if they don't end up buying their policy through the comparison site.

Matthew Dransfield of Tescocompare.com comments: "Our comparison site is continuously growing and adding a van insurance channel is the latest step in our expansion. Our van insurance comparison channel offers drivers a great tool to find the best insurance policy to suit their needs. It is easy to use and compares a range of different features to allow drivers to make an informed choice on their insurance options."

The channel includes easy tips on cutting van insurance premiums including:

  • Some insurers may match your car insurance no claims bonus when quoting for van insurance, so don't forget to enter it along with your other details.
  • Although it may be more expensive to insure against breakdown, the extra cost may be worthwhile if it means being back on the road quickly. Also check if the policy includes a replacement vehicle which you could use if your van is out of action.
  • Generally vans with a lower weight class, engine size and overall value will be cheaper to insure.
  • It may seem obvious, but if you will be using the van for work purposes make sure you have insurance cover for business use, as there is an option to insure for social use only.
  • If you will be storing tools and/or goods in the van, it's a good idea to make sure this is covered under your van insurance policy, as you may have to take out a separate insurance policy for theft from your van.

Tescocompare.com offers price comparison services on the following products:

  • Car Insurance
  • Van Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Motorbike Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Gas and Electricity suppliers
  • Credit Cards and Unsecured Personal Loans

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