DnB Nor signs for BBS new electronic multi-signature engine

Source: BBS

DnB Nor has signed a contract with BBS for the delivery, operations and maintenance of their new electronic multi-signature "engine" to be used corporate-wide in DnB Nor.

The DnB NOR multi-signature solution together with Norwegian BankID provides a complete solution where several parties can sign on the same document in a signing process. Key Account manager for DnB NOR at BBS, Arne Markussen, sees the agreement with DnB NOR will pave the way for electronic signing.

"As far I know BBS is the only supplier in the market that can deliver and maintain an engine supporting a complete electronic multi-signature solution with such a complexity as demanded by DnB NOR" says Arne Markussen.

All companies in the DnB NOR group will have the multi signature solution available for electronic signing with customers.

"When you want to replace the use of pen and papers, the requirements for service quality are very high", says Ivar Johnsen Bank Manager with DnB NOR. He mentions signing scenarios of loan agreements that includes several different documents, each to be signed of one or more persons in a defined order as an example where the need of a multi-signature solution in needed.

DnB NOR aims to set the solution in production in 2009.


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