Nyse Euronext introduces free real-time market data

Source: Nyse Euronext

Nyse Euronext launches Real-time Reference Prices, a new market data product that enables media organizations and websites to provide the public unrestricted access to the data free of charge.

The service contains last-trade information on all shares, investment funds, warrants & certificates and ETFs traded on Euronext Cash equity markets. Last price and volume information on blue chip indices such as the AEX, BEL20, CAC40 and PSI20 will also be available. Media organizations and websites will pay a fee for this new service.

André Went, Managing Director of Data Solutions in Europe said: "Until now most websites displayed delayed data. Only investors with a subscription, via a vendor terminal or (online) broker account, had access to real-time financial information from Euronext markets. This new product offers investors, for the first time and for free, an easy accessible reference price from the most liquid market place in Europe.

"The leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf will be the first media outlet to offer real-time market information free to the public when they make the data available to visitors of their financial website DFT.nl from November 28.

"Real-time financial information will give millions of visitors to DFT.nl access to the latest financial news during the day." says Sjuul Paradijs, chief-editor of De Telegraaf. "This is an innovative and unique service. For DFT.nl real-time financial information is a valuable enhancement of our service to our customers, next to the financial news, the analyses of market experts, the forum and all the rest of the information from the financial world. Because of that, De Financiële Telegraaf is able to improve the services they offer on the internet."


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