City CU implements US Biometrics fingerprint access control system

Source: US Biometrics

City Credit Union, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, recently purchased and implemented US Biometrics' AccessQ system for controlling physical access to entrances with fingerprint biometrics.

US Biometrics introduced its "Ease Into Biometrics" and "Secure One Door" incentive programs to City which allowed the credit union to specify, purchase and implement the system over time in an economical and systematic means.

"AccessQ allows us to increase security for our entrances but also makes entry more convenient for our employees," states David Frith, Director of Information Technology at City Credit Union. "We used US Biometrics' incentive programs to put in our biometric repository foundation and we now have our infrastructure already in place should we decide to add computer password management at employee desktops in the future."

About The Products Implemented

AccessQ biometric devices are designed to be a secure, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to tokens, badges, swipe cards and PINs for physical doorways and entrances.

CentralQ software allows for the storing of credentials including fingerprint profiles, names, addresses, passwords and other employee information. It provides a mechanism for scheduling access to entrances, networks, and software based on authorization levels and the time of day.

CentralQ Reporting allows administrators to view who accessed which devices at what time as well as provide some basic statistics about the system's usage.

"We are excited that City Credit Union took advantage of our current access control incentives because this will give them the flexibility to add logical control for their computer and software security in the future," states David Delgrosso, President of US Biometrics. "Using biometrics for access control will have a quick return on investment for City."

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