Compliance Coach adds Authentium ID fraud prevention technology to suite

Source: Compliance Coach

Compliance Coach has added a new and proven identity fraud prevention technology to its suite of regulatory compliance products.

The company is now offering Authentium's SafeCentral, the advanced secure browser proven to protect Internet users from spyware, key-loggers, and DNS security flaws. Now over 1,400 banks in the United States can use SafeCentral to comply with federal requirements to protect their customers from online data-stealing identity threats.

"Our goal is to ensure our customers have access to the expertise and resources they need to stay two steps ahead of identity theft criminals," says Sai Huda, Chief Executive Officer of Compliance Coach. "The risk to consumer identities from Internet-borne threats, such as key-logging and screen-stealing viruses and Trojans, is growing exponentially. Until recently, it has been difficult for banks to protect consumers from these threats. Now, with SafeCentral, we believe financial institutions will be able to provide an even higher level of compliance and security by enabling a safer, more secure online connection with consumers."

Compliance Coach is a leading provider of automated regulatory compliance solutions to the financial services industry. Five of the nation's top 10 banks and hundreds of financial institutions throughout the United States rely on Compliance Coach's solutions and services to mitigate compliance risk. SafeCentral now joins the company's five other primary products and services, including CompliancePal, Compliance Risk Indicator, AML/BSA online training, compliance training, and risk and compliance consulting.

"We are thrilled Compliance Coach has chosen to provide SafeCentral to financial institutions," says John Sharp, Authentium's Chairman and Co-Founder. "When it comes to compliance solutions, especially FACT Act Identity Theft Red Flags Rule compliance, Compliance Coach is clearly the industry leader. Its team of former regulators, compliance attorneys, compliance officers, and bankers have spent years practicing compliance, and know what technologies are required to enable financial institutions to meet stringent identity fraud prevention mandates. Working together with Compliance Coach, we can make the Internet a safe environment for all online transactions."

SafeCentral, developed by Authentium, uses a unique "reverse sandboxing" approach to provide strong protection against key-loggers, man-in-the-middle attacks, man-in-the-browser attacks, screen scrapers, and DNS security flaws. Online banking customers don't have to change the way they work to use SafeCentral. Its patent-pending protection shields desktops from Internet-borne threats, without compromising speed, functionality, or usability. SafeCentral's technology lets online banking customers conduct other transactions over the Internet in absolute privacy and safety, even if their computers are already infected with malware.

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