29West Ultra Messaging Cache product available for early access

Source: 29West

29West, the market leaders in enterprise-wide, low-latency messaging solutions, today announced that its Ultra Messaging Cache (UMCache) product is now available for early access.

With UMCache, 29West moves far beyond streaming market data and persistent streaming messaging, providing support for a range of real time trading applications. Ultra Messaging continues to power the next wave in financial messaging with a full complement of messaging services for back office processing as well. UMCache's ability to work with any message stream makes it today's solution for integrating legacy messaging systems into tomorrow's financial industry messaging standards.

"29West's innovative Ultra Messaging Cache (UMCache) is a flexible messaging framework," explained Mike Garwood, director of software development for 29West. "The unique design of UMCache allows you to easily add message archival and retrieval, last value cache, complex searches and conversion of cached data, and more, to any messaging

UMCache is designed as a plug-in framework that allows users to create and configure their own data capture, data manipulation and data distribution modules to build a wide range of applications. Adding a flexible cache to the broader 29West product family offers 29West customers the ability to more rapidly deploy complex end-to-end low latency solutions. With the ability to customize modules, use any database, and easily configure all components, users can deploy UMCache along a wide spectrum of functionality, from simply replaying archived messages to utilizing it as a development framework for a feedhandler.

The result: financial firms now have the ability not only to archive and replay LBM/UME messages, but also integrate diverse legacy message streams and create custom message processing applications using the UMCache framework.

29West is currently offering early access to customers who wish to evaluate UMCache and expects to provide general availability in Q1 of 2009.

In a concurrent announcement, Pantor Engineering of Stockholm is releasing its new CME feed receiver, which uses Pantor's next generation FIX FAST engine to receive and decode the CME FIX FAST market data feed.

Pantor and 29West will work together to integrate the CME feed receiver with UMCache.

"We are very pleased to offer the CME FAST feed receiver to customers," said Pantor CEO Rolf Andersson. "This offering dramatically eases the process for anyone who needs to write an application to interface with the CME. Further integration with 29West's UMCache makes it easy to develop and integrate with trading applications that do business with the CME. This best-of-breed advancement using 29West and Pantor technologies will save customers significant time and IT resources, as well as give them a competitive edge."

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