Principia Partners upgrades structured finance platform

Source: Principia Partners

Principia Partners, the leading solution provider for the management and administration of structured finance operations, today announced the availability of Principia SFP (Structured Finance Platform) Version 6.

The new release addresses the specific needs of structured finance portfolio managers by providing the industry's first standardized suite of compliance reports and out-of-the-box accounting. Principia SFP Version 6 enables structured finance portfolio managers within bank treasuries, off-balance sheet operations and investment funds to summarize and analyze real-time risk exposures across the organization. As the industry's policy groups highlight the importance of this control in today's environment, it provides a market-ready operational environment, built on a flexible and scalable platform.

The platform enables financial institutions managing ABS and MBS portfolios to gain greater workflow control and visibility into cash flows, risk and asset distribution. It also delivers on-demand portfolio reporting across multiple entities and business units. The demands for greater transparency from the industry, and within financial organizations, are addressed by Principia SFP's standardized risk sensitivity and compliance reports. These provide important insight into, and surveillance of, the entire investment book of assets.

The Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group's (CRMPG) recent report ("Containing Systemic Risk: The Road to Reform"), recommends significant enhancements to the risk monitoring and management of on- and off-balance sheet structured finance portfolios.

Principia SFP Version 6 answers these calls from the industry by enabling operations, in multiple locations, to effectively manage and hedge global risk exposure and establish control over structured finance portfolios. Managers can drill down into the global book and monitor exposures by quickly consolidating portfolio data. They can thereby obtain the risk oversight necessary to ensure the portfolio is operating within the group's investment guidelines. The platform also allows the 'slicing-and-dicing' of deal and portfolio information to meet rigorous internal compliance requirements.

"Portfolio managers and industry working groups are highlighting the importance of introducing best practices for the risk oversight and operational control of structured finance portfolios. Consolidated and timely risk reporting and standardized accounting within an infrastructure that can aggregate portfolio data, is vital to the future growth and health of the industry," said Douglas Long, EVP, business strategy, Principia. "Principia has worked with every type of organization managing these assets over the last ten years. This expertise and knowledge means we understand the unique nuances, as well as the common standard requirements and workflows that are essential for the diligent surveillance of these complex operations."

Principia SFP Version 6 is available immediately and is offered either as a standalone system or as an upgrade for existing Principia SFP users.

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