Redtail and eMoney Advisor integrate Web-based wealth management and CRM offerings

Source: eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor, a leading provider of advanced wealth and goal planning solutions for financial advisors and, Redtail, a leading provider of web-based client relationship management (CRM) for financial advisors, today announced an integration between the companies' respective web-based solutions: eMoney 360 & 360 Pro and Redtail CRM.

The new integration provides single-sign-on, synchronization of client data, as well as access and up-load capability for eMoney's popular document Vault feature. Redtail CRM is the first popular advisory tool to participate in the new eMoney Everywhere program.

"eMoney is focused on providing solutions and it is well known that Advisors need increased data integration among their advisory tools. The integration of eMoney 360 and eMoney 360Pro with Redtail CRM is going to significantly reduce redundancies in data management for Advisors," said Edmond Walters, eMoney Advisor's Founder and CEO. "We're excited to be offering Redtail CRM as the first integrated solution in the eMoney Everywhere program."

The eMoney Everywhere program integrates CRM, wireless, office and popular advisor tools with eMoney's award winning application to create the ultimate advisor desktop. With this program advisors will be able to assimilate data between multiple software platforms and devices. eMoney Everywhere leverages web services, common architectures, and industry standard file formats. The flexibility and timesaving aspect of this program provides advisors with a full financial desktop translating into better workflow and the delivery of enhanced client service.

Brian McLaughlin, CEO, Redtail said, "This is one of the more advanced product integrations we have done. We are very confident that Redtail and eMoney users will benefit from the huge efficiencies this integration has created."


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