SR Labs connects to Direct Edge platforms

Source: Direct Edge ECN

Direct Edge ECN and SR Labs today announced that SR Labs is now connected to Direct Edge's dual trading platforms, EDGA and EDGX.

SR Labs enables connectivity to Direct Edge through its Low Latency Order Management System (LOMS). Clients will be able to receive the Direct Edge book feed and have access to the full suite of Direct Edge products and services.

"SR Labs is a leading innovator in the high-speed electronic trading solutions category and we are pleased to have them providing connectivity," said Bryan Harkins, Head of Sales and Strategy at Direct Edge ECN. "We are particularly happy that they have chosen full integration, meaning that they will be able to offer their clients everything Direct Edge offers-all the order types and routing strategies," added Harkins.

"Direct Edge is the fourth largest marketplace for U.S. equities, so it is critical that we offer direct connectivity via LOMS," said Samir Islam, Director of Software Development, SR Labs. "This offers our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the high-speed execution platform offered by LOMS, save money on execution costs and access a deep pool of liquidity, including all the 'off-the-grid' dark liquidity Direct Edge has in its Enhanced Liquidity Provider Program," said Islam.

The LOMS Open Strategy Container is designed from the ground up to accelerate high-frequency algorithmic trading applications, providing end users with infrastructure to develop and deploy black-box trading strategies.

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