ICE revamps Web site

Source: IntercontinentalExchange

IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE: ICE), a leading operator of regulated global futures exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, has completed a range of brand enhancements and the launch of its new website, which is designed to provide extensive product and market information to its customers.

A beta website located at will run concurrently with the company's existing site until Friday, November 21, when it will operate as the exclusive ICE website. Brand enhancements include a new tagline, "Global Markets in Clear View," which accompanies the ICE icon and reflects the transparency and access that ICE's diverse commodity and financial markets offer.

"By listening to our customers, ICE has developed technology, services and products for a diverse set of markets around the world," said ICE President and Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Vice. "The new ICE website was designed to provide participants in our markets easy access to a wide range of information. It is a representation of who we are and what we offer our customers."

"With the acquisition of Creditex in August 2008, ICE's core execution and clearing business now includes credit," said Kelly Loeffler, ICE Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications. "'Global markets in clear view' acknowledges the diversification of our company's business and its rapidly expanding global reach. It's also an affirmation of our commitment to providing customers a complete portfolio of risk management services, from pre-trade processing to post-trade clearing and settlement."

ICE operates three regulated futures exchanges, three clearing houses, two OTC markets and a market data service. The new website integrates ICE's products and services into a cohesive, dynamic user experience. It is visually and functionally representative of ICE's commitment to transparency, efficiency and technology in the service of markets and trading customers. The site was designed to serve as a "one stop shop," with easily accessible and comprehensive information about products, trading, technology, clearing, market data, reports and the total range of ICE businesses.

The new website features a substantially enhanced and intuitive user interface, which serves the objective of making information as accessible as possible. Customers and website users will benefit especially from these features:

  • Navigation - The site is organized according to customer needs and incorporates the businesses ICE has entered in recent years. Rollover navigation offers users a preview of information in each section and the ability to navigate to any topic of interest. Most pages and applications on the new site can be reached within one or two clicks from the homepage.
  • Product details - The new products section is dynamically updated, with the most current contract specifications, market data, reports, expiry dates and other information presented on a single page, in a useful and visually appealing format. Product information may be accessed directly from the "products" tab on the homepage, as well as from the "markets" and "market data" sections of the new site.
  • Report center - The report center page, located on the "market data" tab of the homepage, assembles all contract data and documents on a single page. Users can access individual reports with a high degree of specificity through a filter that refines page views by year, contract and report type.
  • Calendars - The site has aggregated all relevant dates and made them available through links along the left-side navigation of every page. An enhanced sorting function allows users to identify market holidays and trading hours, contract expiry dates and training and educational opportunities.

Along with these enhanced features, the website offers a new "getting started" page, located at the top of every page. This page introduces new users to ICE's markets and services and provides links to information about membership, connectivity options and data services. The new site also features enhanced search functionality, with contextual and global ways of finding information.

Content on the company's current website ( will remain available until November 21. It will then be archived and replaced by the new site.

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